Easy DIY Freezer Paper Transfer Method

December 17, 2018

It’s such an honor to be among such a creative crew!
This week, I’m sharing a pretty simple project, for the Freezer Paper Transfer Method.

To do this you’ll need: Your runner (or anything you want to print on), some freezer paper, and a printer. I also used scissors and a piece of cardstock.
First you need to cut your freezer paper to the size of a sheet of paper. I had cardstock on hand, so I used it as a template and cut with scissors. You could also use a mat and cut it 8 1/2 x 11. Either way works great.
DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Now put the cut piece of freezer paper in your printer – you’ll want it so that the plastic side will receive the ink. {Please excuse my messy cabinet!}

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Print your image in reverse, and be careful not to touch the ink. It will stay wet until the next step.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Carefully lay it down on the fabric where you want the graphic and iron it down. Make sure your iron is set on NO steam. I ironed about 60 seconds to make sure everything was in place.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
After you’re ironed down, put the runner on a hard surface (like a table) and use something to burnish down the paper even more. I did it with and without this step – it really does make a big difference! Just rub, rub, rub and make sure that you’ve went over all of the graphic.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Then peel off the paper – and you’re done! The ironing makes the paper grab to the fabric, so it’ll be a bit like peeling off tape.

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